Custom Art

Transforming your journey into art…

Whether I am designing art for the body or a canvas, the process remains the same.

I invite people to share the meaning behind their art, some go as deep as their own shadow work. Some, share their future goals and ambitions. Some, share their story of courage and triumph. Some, simply desire my artwork to decorate their space. I listen, I process and translate the story into a visual representation: on a medium of choice, listed below.

I recognize the work I cultivate can be intimate and deep with clients, there’s a healing modality to this work. All information is confidential between myself and the client. In addition, for spiritual hygiene, I accept only a certain amount of projects every month.

Digital Artwork

A computer generated art piece. A PDF file will be provided that can produce high quality prints up to A3 size. Pricing begins from $70 per hour. Click here for more options

Custom Tattoo Artwork (Design ONLY)

A personalized design based on the information provided by the client. This will be emailed in PDF form that can be taken to another Tattoo Artist or printed for artwork. Perfect for clients who cannot travel to Melbourne for a tattoo by me. If you are seeking the complete tattoo experience with me, click here. Pricing begins from $180.

If any of these services resonate with you, then I would love nothing more than to connect and hear your story. Let’s have a conversation.

*Pricing is in Australian Dollar rate