“My art and services you see today, is a collection of my experiences and inspiration along my travels around this wondrous planet. Hummingbird Ink Studio is a platform to encourage other’s to explore their own creativity and guide them through a healing journey in the process.” ~ Chloe

Libra Season
The Scales of Justice, a balancing act.
Weight distributed evenly, completely exact.

With Rose-coloured glasses, she joyfully walks this Earth.
Sees the beauty in all. All they are worth.

Friends a flocking, they bow to their knee.
She has love for all, her kindness comes free.

Using charm, she’ll have you join her team.
The trendsetter, the artist, the modern beauty queen.

All that she desires will fall at her feet.
You won’t blink an eye, she can be quite discrete.

Partitioned in two, with a second she can turn.
She doesn’t mean harm, of this you will learn.

A natural born leader, it will be easy to see.
Flirtatious and friendly, how persuading she can be.

A zest for life, she is airy and light.
She knows what is just, and for this she will fight.

An intoxicating concoction, one to relish, to savour.
Libra Goddess, may the scales tip in your favour.
Words by my beautiful friend, Deanna

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