Everyone is welcome to join these Mindful Mandala Workshops.

Whether, you are looking to try something new, rediscover your creative side or looking to calm your mind, these sessions are held in a step-by-step online class. These art classes are guided Live on Zoom by Chloe, the founder of Hummingbird Ink Studio. Mindful Mandala Workshops were originally created to provide a new activity and bring a sense of relaxation during COVID-19 lock down.

Inspired by the mandala, traditionally by Buddhist, Hindus and other practices, these classes too have the intention to bring people harmony and into the present moment .

Given the current global environment, Chloe wanted to make these workshops accessible to everyone, therefore making it free or donation based to participate.  Minimal drawing material is required too.

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Corporate & Private Mindful Mandala Session’s

Companies are noticing the importance of the well-being of their employees, especially during the global crisis forcing staff to work from home. The intention of Mindful Mandala session’s are to reconnect team member’s in an interactive and relaxing art class online. These session’s are designed for beginners and are led by a certified Yoga Facilitator, who is also a Tattoo Artist. Exercising our creativity can improve cognitive function, boost self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety.

Package’s are tailored to a duration, time, date and estimated number of participants by request. Pricing begins from $150 AUD for one-off sessions. Discount incentives are available for bundles. A selection of artwork will be available when inquiring. Artwork will be adjusted to fit within a specific time frame.

Or maybe you’re looking for a unique experience to try with your house-hold members or friends and family from a far.

I would love to hear from you with your ideas! Leave me a message below and I’ll return to your requests as soon as I can.